Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy receives temporary ban during VALORANT marathon

It didn't take long before the issue was resolved.

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FPS streamer iiTzTimmy was banned earlier today during a VALORANT marathon stream.

While on the road to Radiant, the streamer was handed a temporary ban for smurfing in ranked, but this was short-lived. Seventeen hours into the stream, iiTzTimmy faced a temporary disruption, which he thought may have been a client error, but after closing and opening the game once again, he accepted he had been banned “for cheating.”

Within moments after the ban, the streamer reached out to a VALORANT developer who he claimed to have been in contact with before the stream. According to Timmy, the dev informed him that his account would be banned, but it wasn’t expected to take place until after the stream was over.

“I got banned for smurfing, unfortunately,” Timmy explained to his chat. “I shouldn’t get banned, I should be able to finish this marathon. It isn’t cheating, chat… The whole challenge from Iron to Radiant is a little grey area. You know the whole smurfing… it’s in a really weird area. My agency will be talking to Riot now so I just have to wait.”

Around an hour after the ban took effect, Timmy’s account was once again enabled and the streamer got back on the grind. Even better, the last game from which he was removed did not count on his record.

The marathon run is still live at the time of writing this and currently, the streamer is placed in Immortal One, not too far from his goal of Radiant.