Sova player gets blind ace using 2 Shock Bolts in VALORANT

"Nowhere to run."

Image via Riot Games

Getting an ace in VALORANT is no easy feat, but this Sova player made it seem like all it takes is a quick tap of a button and a dream.

In a clip posted earlier today, the enemy team wasn’t prepared for what was about to be rained upon them—and it seems Sova’s team wasn’t either. The round had just gotten underway, yet the A site on Bind was already full of Viper toxin and Astra stars activated and ready to stop the opposition from successfully planting the spike. 

Sova and his team knew that the enemies were coming down mid, so he and Astra looked to get any information they could for their team. One Astra Gravity Well to bring the still-hidden enemies together and two Sova Shock Bolts was all it took to rid the entire enemy team in one fell swoop, awarding Sova the coveted ace. This clearly shocked the player, who showed their reaction quickly by spamming in the chat.

As an initiator, Sova mainly assists his team by identifying possible locations of enemies, as well as dealing damage from afar. Shock Bolts are an effective method of keeping enemies at bay, but they’re easily avoidable and have rather strange hitboxes that make them mostly unreliable. This Sova proved all the doubters wrong, however. With a bit of teamwork and luck, their Shock Bolts made all the difference. 

Sova’s team may have lost one member when making this play, but their team was certainly in disbelief after two simple arrows gave them the lead.

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