Sova can open A teleporter on Bind from the outside in VALORANT

Another agent can open the teleporter from the outside.

VALORANT players can use Sova’s arrows to open the A teleporter on Bind from the outside, which can help defend against rotating players or confuse enemies with the audio queue.  

A player discovered a hole on the outside of the map near the teleporter door. If Sova’s arrow is fired into the hole, it activates the teleporter door from the outside, which is not normally possible. 

Players can recreate the lineup by standing near the back wall on B site and shortly charging their shot to arc it into the hole. The lineup works with Sova’s Recon and Shock bolt, and using the Recon bolt will highlight enemy positions inside the teleporter. This is an excellent strategy when dealing with a player in the teleporter or stalling a rotating player when defending a planted spike. 

Sova’s teammates can also enter the teleporter while it is open to hide or to surprise unsuspecting enemies attempting to use the teleporter. Avoid using this strategy repeatedly, however, since the enemy team will eventually catch on. 

The teleporter doors are only supposed to be opened from the inside when players use them. But diligent VALORANT players have found multiple ways to open the doors from the outside. Killjoy’s Alarm Bot can open the teleport door from the outside, and Cypher’s Spy Cam could also open the door, but this method was eventually fixed. 

Sova players should add this lineup to their arsenal for the time being, as it can help several situations.