VALORANT pro Slaze denies boosting accusations after being suspended from VCT Game Changers

Riot has not publicly adressed the suspension.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has suspended Slaze, a member of Polaris, from competing in the VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers Series Three Main Event this weekend for boosting. But Slaze claims this was a targeted attack. 

As reported by Jake Lucky, Slaze posted a TwitLonger explaining her side of the story. She claims to have never boosted anyone or been boosted on her accounts. She also claims that the issue stems from someone not liking her and using their friends at Riot to target her. 

The suspension prevents Slaze from competing with Polaris in the VCT Game Changers Series Three Playoffs this weekend, causing her team to need to find a new player on short notice and forcing Slaze to watch from the sidelines. Slaze also mentioned how hard her team worked to get to this point and asked for someone at Riot to help with her situation. 

Riot has not publicly addressed the accusations of someone targeting Slaze and it’s unclear if it will before the Game Changers event this weekend. A competitive ruling announcement further explaining the situation would likely clear up any misconceptions, but it’s unlikely that Slaze will be allowed to compete in the upcoming event. 

Polaris defeated CLG Red in the opening qualifier but was beat by Cloud9 White in the upper quarterfinals. They did bounce back with a win against 24Haven in the second lower round, securing their spot in the playoffs. 

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