Shroud, Myth among VALORANT Masters Reykjavík watch party streamers

Watch along with your favorite streamer.

Photo via DreamHack

VALORANT Masters Reykjavík is right around the corner, and today, Riot Games introduced the official partnered streamers who will host watch parties.

On Twitch, Myth, Pokimane, Shroud, Ludwig, and Average Jonas will be allowed to co-stream the event.

In addition, the Plat Chat Podcast and the Hitscan YouTube channel will be allowed to co-stream the event on YouTube.

Co-streaming has been a massive success so far in VALORANT. Every time there’s a big VALORANT event, tens of thousands flock to the channels of various streamers to watch along.

Although there are no professional players included on the co-stream list, those looking for in-depth analysis of the action and some fun that isn’t on the main Riot stream will have a home.

Masters Reykjavík will commence on May 24 and conclude on May 30 with the grand finals. The qualified teams are Sentinels, Version1, Crazy Raccoon, Team Liquid, Fnatic, X10, Sharks Esports, Team Vikings, Kru Esports, and NUTURN Gaming.

The format is a tad wonky, but at the very least, every team is guaranteed two games in the double-elimination tournament. Winners will earn circuit points as well as cash prizes, which will qualify them for the VALORANT Champions event later this year that will crown a world champion.

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