Shopify rebels too hard, coach suspended for Game Changers Championship finals

The bird flew a little too high.

Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Shopify Rebellion stunned both Cloud9 White and Liquid Brazil today in back-to-back matches of the lower bracket of the VCT Game Changers Championship, setting the NA hopefuls up for a grand finals meeting with EMEA juggernauts G2 Gozen.

However, Shopify will have to compete without coach Rob “robwiz” Kennedy on stage with them, as he has been suspended and fined after he flipped the bird towards C9 White at the conclusion of their match.

The two teams have been long-time rivals throughout Game Changers competition over the past year, with C9 White always securing the win save for one single series. There had been a great deal of trash talk between the two teams online, in press conferences, and even on stage towards each other.

Following Shopify’s win over C9 White, coach robwiz clearly gave the middle finger towards the C9 White players and staff, which was picked up on the broadcast and shared across social media.

Immediately after the win, robwiz went to Twitter to say that “nothing in life could bring me more pleasure than eliminating those shit talkers,” however he also acknowledged his gesture in a follow up apology tweet, saying that the emotions took over and that the “heat of the moment got the best of me.”

Robwiz has also been fined, and warned that any other violations of rule 7.12 that decrees that coaches must “observe the highest standard of personal integrity and good sportsmanship at all times” will result in increased penalties. Several VCT pros, including EG’s BcJ and Sentinels’ dephh, argue that the fine is adequate but that the suspension is excessive.

Shopify Rebellion’s match against G2 Gozen, a best-of-five grand final, is set for 10am CT on Sunday, Nov. 20. The players will be competing without their suspended coach.

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