Sharks are coming to VALORANT with latest skin bundle

Deep in the deep blue sea.

Image via Riot Games

It’s time to dive back into the ocean because Riot Games has added a new shark-themed bundle to the VALORANT store today. 

The Abyssal bundle, which is available in the store, features a new melee weapon, Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, and Sheriff, so players can pick up the new skins on their favorite guns. The bundle will set players back 5,100 VP, however, so it doesn’t come cheap. 

The bundle is shark themed without any major animations, which many players will likely be disappointed with. On the Phantom, players can interact with the gun to check out the sea anemones. 

The Caeruleus knife is the most expensive weapon in the bundle with a 2,550 price tag. All other weapons in the bundle are 1,275 VP. 

The skin bundle has a blue and purple colorway, with the stock of each weapon resembling a shark fin. It’s a shame the bundle isn’t the most menacing, however. 

Some VALORANT fans aren’t happy with the new bundle because it doesn’t feature any flashy animations, like other popular bundles. The Neptune collection, for example, was quite popular with the community due to the interactable fish that swam around within the weapons, especially the Vandal. 

The Neptune collection was a Premier bundle, however, unlike the Abyssal bundle, which is a Deluxe edition. 

With the release of the Abyssal bundle, the Give Back 2022 bundle has exited the store and is no longer available for purchase.