ShahZaM pulls off impressive ace in VALORANT

The other team didn't have a chance.

Photo via Sentinels

ShahZaM secured a remarkable ace in VALORANT to win an important round and keep his team in the game during a recent stream. 

ShahZaM was the final player alive on his team, but he had an Operator and Jett’s ultimate ability available. He managed to kill an unsuspecting player with the Op before moving on to the enemy Phoenix, who he killed with Jett’s knives. 

Luckily, the enemy Omen teleported just as ShahZaM peeked the corner near B Site on Bind and was an easy kill. But the enemy team planted the spike and forced ShahZaM to confront the two remaining players on C Site. 

The enemy Sage hid behind the box on C Site and ShahZaM attempted to kill them with Jett’s knives, but he missed. He was forced to engage the players with his Operator and Classic pistol at close range, which isn’t an ideal loadout.

But ShahZaM hit an impressive no-scope on the Sage player before eliminating the enemy Sova with a well-placed Operator shot. ShahZaM defused the spike while his teammates congratulated him on his impressive performance that kept them in the game. 

Sentinels and ShahZaM will represent North America alongside Version1 at the VCT Masters Stage Two Reykjavík tournament later this month. If ShahZaM can replicate impressive clutches like this ace on LAN, the team can easily bring home the title. 

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