ShahZaM comments on top NA VALORANT teams not qualifying for Stage 2, Challengers One

The talented IGL is not happy about the situation.

Photo via Sentinels

Sentinels’ Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan recently expressed his opinion about the top teams from the first VALORANT Champions Tour Masters One event not qualifying for the Stage Two, Challengers One tournament and how he thinks they should’ve earned a bonus for their past performance. 

Stage Two of the VALORANT Champions Tour has started and teams have another opportunity to qualify for the next Masters event through the Challengers tournaments. But the top teams from the previous Masters event have failed to qualify for Challengers One, which has led some players to believe a change in the system is needed. 

ShahZaM has been vocal about how the top teams from the previous stage and Masters event should earn a spot in the first Challengers tournament or some other bonus to avoid the open qualifiers. 

“Now these teams that have been sitting here watching Challengers One, Two, and Three, watching Masters, have all the time and now this is all they prepare for, and you can’t prepare for these teams,” ShahZaM said. “This is why I made the argument about open qualifiers. The teams that earned in the big tournament a spot a little bit ahead, so they have a chance to also prepare for these teams in the open qualifier.”

ShahZaM also argued that it’s almost impossible to reinvent a squad within a week to avoid teams preparing for their strategies. 

Sentinels, FaZe Clan, and Gen.G were the top three teams in the Masters One event. None of these teams qualified for the Challengers One event. The top teams will have one more chance in the subsequent Challengers events to earn a spot in Masters Two.

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