Upcoming Sentinels of Light VALORANT skin bundle releases July 21, includes Vandal, Op, Sheriff, Ares, and melee

This bundle should juxtapose the Ruination collection that was released today.

Image via Riot Games

The Sentinels of Light event is launching across multiple Riot titles—and VALORANT’s getting some new weapon skins.

Riot released the Ruination collection today, which pays homage to League of Legends’ Ruined King with a haunting aesthetic. To continue the narrative in Riot’s tac shooter, the devs also designed a Sentinels of Light bundle that will be released on July 21 and includes cosmetics for the Vandal, Operator, Sheriff, Ares, and a Relic of the Sentinel custom melee.

The Sentinels of Light bundle is a nod to the Sentinels trying to save the world and take out Ruined King Viego. It will include three variant colors that will also be available for the melee and feature a gun buddy, spray, and player card. Not much additional information has been offered on the upcoming set, such as animations or prices. But if it follows in the Ruination collection’s footsteps, the bundle will cost 8,700 VP or 2,175 for each individual weapon skin. The melee would cost 4,350 VP, however.

Despite getting limited details on the bundle, Riot has thrown in several teasers for the upcoming skin line. In today’s short trailer for the Ruination collection, fans can briefly see what appears to be the Sentinels of Light Vandal decorated with white and gold hues.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The same Vandal seemingly made an appearance in a recent mobile-only experience that allowed fans to get a glimpse of the Sentinels of Light outpost. And a banner found by data miner floxay apparently teases the Vandal and a Sentinels of Light melee.

The Ruination bundle includes skins for the Phantom, Ghost, Spectre, and Guardian, along with a Blade of the Ruined King melee. The two collections will feature skins for two different sets of weapons, allowing players who purchase both bundles to have a thematically complete set.

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