Sentinels crush FaZe 3-0 in VCT NA Masters grand finals

Another win for Sentinels.

Image via Sentinels

Sentinels are the best VALORANT team in North America, and according to the VCT NA Masters scoreboard, the competition isn’t close.

Sentinels completely dominated FaZe Clan in a 3-0 showing. Ascent was the closest map, culminating in a 13-11 victory for Sentinels. It didn’t get better for FaZe from there. They lost 13-7 on Bind and 13-4 on Haven.

Early on in Ascent, Sentinels were in a bit of trouble. They fell behind 5-1 before regaining their momentum and blazing out to a 13-11 win, partially due to their excellent retakes.

This wasn’t the first time these two met in the tournament. Sentinels defeated FaZe 2-0 on Friday’s winners’ finals.

Sentinels enlisted the help of Tyson “TenZ” Ngo for the duration of the tournament, and it paid off. He went 53/36 in K/D in the grand finals and drew even in opening duels.

Sentinels were already an excellent team before their finals victory, so now there’s only one question for the future: will they continue with TenZ? He’s only a stand-in for now, but Sentinels have technically taken over his contract. During his time with the organization, Sentinels have only lost one map to Luminosity in their first match of the tournament.

Should Sentinels keep TenZ around, it’s hard to not see them as major competitors in international play. They’re by far and away the best team in North America and look primed to take one of the two slots given to NA for the next VALORANT Masters event on LAN in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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