Sage can create a one-way angle with her wall on A site on Breeze

This small hole in the wall creates an excellent angle.

Image via Riot Games

Sage’s wall is an excellent deterrent that can control the enemy team’s movement by blocking their path for a few seconds. Creative VALORANT players can use the wall to create useful angles to cover sites and one player found a way to use the wall to create a kill hole below the wall on Breeze. 

Players can place the wall on the small metal connector between the two pyramids on A site on Breeze. If done correctly, the wall will cover the space between the objects and will leave a small gap at the bottom of the wall. 

This small opening provides an excellent view into A long and is perfect for players covering this entrance. Players with an Operator can eliminate enemies before they enter the site and secure easy kills for their team. 

The position doesn’t completely protect players, however. Enemies can see the lower half of your body and missing your shots does leave you vulnerable. But the angle does give you enough time to kill enemies before they can return fire. Jett players can also take advantage of this spot to cover A long and dash away before other enemies can return fire. 

This spot is great the first time enemies push into A site, but avoid relying on it every round since the enemy team will adapt. Players can also put the wall in the same spot and hold a different angle to try to confuse enemies who will expect them beneath the wall. 

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