Riot will skip VALORANT Patch 2.10 cycle to update the game’s engine, 2.11 to be deployed ‘around June 8’

This should also keep things stable for VCT Masters Reykjavík.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT fans eagerly awaiting a new patch will have to wait a bit longer.

Riot updated fans on the VALORANT patch schedule today, explaining that Patch 2.10 will be skipped so that the devs can update the game’s engine. Patch 2.11 will be the next one up and will deploy “around June 8,” according to Riot.

Riot wants to give “plenty of testing time and a stabilization period” before shipping out the engine updates, opting out of Patch 2.10 to ensure sturdy servers. The devs likely want to also avoid creating any big balance or server changes with VCT Masters Reykjavík starting on May 24, a day before Patch 2.10 would have went live. Since the pro event is VALORANT’s first international LAN tournament, skipping a patch is the smart move.

Masters Reykjavík will be played on Patch 2.09, which went live last week. The update didn’t really include much agent balancing, only nerfing Viper’s Toxin passive from 50 to 30 instant decay damage. But Riot added in a few quality-of-life changes that should make watching pro play more enjoyable, like team colors on agent abilities and improved visual synchronization of bullet tracers and impact effects.

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