Riot to launch VALORANT API tomorrow and accept application pitches

Good luck.

Image via Riot Games

It’s time to get creative, VALORANT fans.

Riot Games is launching the VALORANT API tomorrow for a “very limited amount of products,” senior developer relations Gene Chorba announced today. While the forum is open for any fan to pitch their savvy creation, developers will be selective on which applications earn production keys. 

“This is both to limit our time bandwidth around policy guidance and our API bandwidth we’ll be anticipating at launch,” according to Chorba. “That being said, send us your moonshots, your big ideas, be ambitious, and if we think you can pull it off, we’ll be in touch with you to go over the fine details and help you make it happen.”

Fans are encouraged to get creative, but there are a couple of things that will get your application “yeeted straight into the sun.”

Applications can’t include any form of personalized data, such as profiles, scouting tools, or guides based on individual players, unless a player chooses to share that information. If a product would allow a player to see somebody else’s match history and stats, for example, then that player has to verify their identity through Riot Sign On and make their profile public.

Pitched products will also be canned if they include a direct substitute for any in-game queue system.

“If it directly competes with the incentives to play in any in-game queue or impacts game health, we’re not going to provide resources to support it,” Chorba said.

It appears Riot wants to be cautious in terms of which applications it approves to ensure the integrity of VALORANT and its players is safe.

Update July 9 1:35pm CT: Chorba broke down exactly what questions API pitches should answer.


Andreas Stavropoulos
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