Riot to grant VALORANT players XP progress toward Episode 2, Act 3’s battle pass

Weekly missions disappeared before the act's end, leaving many players high and dry.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT‘s weekly missions disappeared right before the end of Episode Two, Act Three, preventing players from getting in a last-minute battle pass grind. And now, Riot’s making up for it.

Riot will grant XP progress toward the Episode Two, Act Three battle pass equivalent of the highest tier of weekly missions, the company announced today. It will take the devs “a patch or two” to issue the XP, however.

Many players are unable to complete an entire battle pass in the time allotted, causing a mad dash to level it up at the end of an act. Since weekly missions typically roll over, players can grind through them until there are none left. When they disappeared, fans were left with no quick way to level up the pass and lost out on content exclusive to the battle pass.

The final weekly missions provide the most XP of the season since the final levels of a battle pass require the most XP to level up. Riot granting players the highest tier of weekly missions should help earn an extra cosmetic or two before they’re lost forever.

This isn’t the only recent mishap involving account progress, though. Riot introduced a new account leveling system with Episode Three that isn’t working as intended. Longtime VALORANT players were supposed to earn levels retroactively based on the time they’ve already put into the game, but the cap was set lower than intended. A fix should be administered “in a future patch.”

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