Riot releases VALORANT clothing drop

Fans can support their favorite game in style.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT fans can represent their favorite game with the game’s new clothing collection. The collection features five items with unique designs that are perfect for all climates.

The collection includes a white VALORANT agents T-shirt, which features the base agents available at launch. The T-shirt is unisex and costs $30. Fans can also purchase the black VALORANT PRTCL T-shirt, which is the same price. This shirt has the VALORANT logo layered multiple times across the front. 

The collection also features two hoodies that are perfect for the winter season. The VALORANT Ignition hoodie has an iconic VALORANT graphic on a white background and costs $65. The VALORANT PRTCL hoodie is dark blue with a unique VALORANT embroidered logo on the front and costs $65. 

The last item in the collection is the VALORANT PRTCL zip-up hoodie that costs $65. This zip-up jacket has orange highlights and a “tech hood pattern” for a flash of color. Fans can also order the VALORANT logo snapback for $30, but the item is made to order and can require three to four weeks for delivery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

All items come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate every fan. There will likely be other VALORANT merch released in the future, especially as more agents are introduced to the game. But make sure not to miss your chance to pick up these items.