Riot producer discusses a potential VALORANT ‘warmup’ mode

The new mode would satisfy players who want an extended warmup period.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games principal producer and production manager Jared Berbach explained the current state of the VALORANT Deathmatch mode and the future of “warmup” style modes last night. 

TSM player James “hazed” Cobb expressed his interest in an infinite Deathmatch mode to use as a warm-up. He explained that the current Deathmatch mode requires players to queue and sit through a warm-up repeatedly, which adds extra time. 

Berbach responded to Dazed, though, and explained that Riot is working on adding a new mode to satisfy players who want an infinite mode to use as a warm-up. Berbach also said the current FFA DM mode is “healthy” but tries to serve two different audiences. 

The first audience desires a free-for-all match with an end and a winner, which is what the current mode delivers. But the second audience wants a mode where they can warm up for however long they want and leave when they're ready. 

Riot is working on this type of mode, but it's complex to create. The developers need to rewrite the matchmaking to “accommodate joining players to matches in progress.” Implementing this feature is a complex process, but Riot is taking the time to make sure it works correctly when added. 

Berbach also mentioned the possibility of players being able to use the warm-up mode while queued, which would help pass the time at higher ranks. 

This new mode would coexist alongside the current version of Deathmatch. Riot is open to experimenting with new rules or gameplay changes to make it a fun experience, too. 

There's no release date for the warm-up mode yet, but it's on Riot's radar.

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