Riot issues fix for Sova Recon Bolt glitch in VALORANT

This is one bug that was slightly enjoyable.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has fixed the notorious glitch that allowed VALORANT players to ride on Sova’s Recon Bolt.

Riot developer Riot Nu explained that the bug was caused by the incorrect option being selected in a drop-down box, which allowed players to ride on the Recon Bolt. This small mistake was an easy fix and players should no longer encounter enemies riding on the Recon Bolt. 

Some players will miss the bug, however. Several players uploaded clips of them riding Sova’s Recon Bolt directly into enemy territory and surprising the enemy. Other players managed to self-boost by shooting the arrow directly at the ground and timing their jump correctly. The bug allowed players to move around quickly in some cases, but it was tough to master and had the potential of wasting the Recon Bolt. 

There are still bugs in VALORANT that can impact the competitive integrity of matches that will likely also be fixed in future updates. A new bug is causing KAY/O to have over 800 health and players have figured out a way to clip through A Window on Ascent without shooting the glass. These glitches are less entertaining than riding on a Recon Bolt, however, but they should be next on Riot’s list of bugs to be fixed. 

Many players enjoyed the Fortnite-style rocket riding in VALORANT, though. It was one of the less frustrating bugs to appear in the game. The mechanic would be a fun feature in a limited-time mode, but it’s best that players can’t ride the Recon Bolt in actual matches.

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