Riot emails VALORANT players their stats over the last year

If Bind is your most played map, please seek help.

Image via Riot Games

It’s been over a year since VALORANT first opened its servers, attracting a huge player base worldwide and laying the foundation for a growing esports scene. To celebrate, outside of the Year One Celebration, Riot Games is sending all of its players a statistical graphic detailing some of their milestones.

If you haven’t checked your email today, open the inbox for the address tied to your VALORANT account and there should be a message in your inbox from VALORANT with the subject line “[in-game name] – Your VALORANT Year in Review is Ready.”

Open your email to check out your personalized graphic featuring some key statistics. The first section should show your total number of matches won, your average kill/death/assist ratio, and the total amount of damage points you’ve dealt. Each statistic will also show you the top percentage of players you’re in based on that number.

The next section showcases your accuracy, showing your total number of headshots, body shots, and leg shots connected. It will also give you your overall headshot percentage.

Next is your “Victims” section, which will show the players you’ve killed the most over the past year. If you play custom 10-man lobbies with the same players, you’ll likely see some familiar faces.

The last section is your favorites, showing your most played agent, most played map, and most used weapon. Several players reportedly haven’t received their email yet, but they’re most likely being sent in waves given the number of people who play VALORANT, so just be patient. You should also verify your email through your Riot account.

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