Riot deploys fix for game-breaking VALORANT bug that allowed KAY/O to see an enemy’s position through walls

Thank you, Riot.

Screengrab via Riot Games

KAY/O’s VALORANT debut was marred by a game-breaking bug that allowed players to see an enemy’s position through walls. And Riot came to the rescue.

Game designer Ryan “rycoux” Cousart discussed the glitch on Twitter last night, explaining that it “should have been fixed with a hotfix” that shipped out yesterday.

The killer robot’s ZERO/point ability and NULL/cmd ultimate show a triangular indicator whenever an enemy is suppressed. Players were reporting that the triangle was visible through walls, giving a clear indication that there was an opponent there. This allowed players to wall bang and land easy kills with little counterplay.

Commentator and analyst Mitch “MitchMan” McBride showed off the bug in one of his games, suppressing an opponent in Bind’s Showers. When the triangle popped up near the doorway, the analyst simply fired his Guardian and landed a headshot through a wall.

While the issue should now be fixed, rycoux encourages players to report the bug if it shows up again.

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