Riot deploying fixes for VALORANT’s error code 43, has paused closed beta access drops

Solutions are on their way.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT closed beta has finally launched, much to the joy of Riot Games fans around the world. But many people haven’t been able to play the game after running into error code 43, which blocked access to even the main menu.

Now, however, Riot is deploying a fix for this bug—and the other various issues that people have experienced. Things are still being worked on, but most problems should be solved throughout the day.

On the official Riot error code list, error 43 is listed as “A system has timed out,” but restarting the game client like suggested doesn’t fix anything. In fact, Riot just announced that the team will be pausing closed beta drops in Twitch streams while it fixes the server issues plaguing the game.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get a drop, though. You’re still eligible to gain access while watching a VALORANT-enabled Twitch stream, but the actual distribution of the beta access will begin once these server problems are finally ironed out.

Patience is key with the first day of closed beta—things might get a bit rough while thousands of players begin to pool into the game’s servers. Once the numbers begin to stabilize and even out, server issues shouldn’t be too much of a problem moving forward.

If you’re experiencing any other error codes, you can check out the complete list of error codes and what they mean here.