Riot creative director talks VALORANT lore including Cypher, Breach, and Skye’s histories

Some fan theories were confirmed.

Image via Riot Games

Fans who frequent the VALORANT Lore and Art Discord were treated with a surprise when Riot Games creative director David Nottingham joined in to share some of the universe’s lore.

During his time in the server, Nottingham revealed plenty on the backstory of Agents as well as other gameplay and story information.

Firstly, it was revealed that Breach was born a congenital amputee. He was born without arms, explaining his robotic limbs in the game.

Yet-to-be-seen character Nora “has history” with Cypher, but Nottingham held back on the specifics.

“Nora. Definitely someone that Cypher has history with. Clearly longing for something. A person loved and lost?” Nottingham said.

Fans have theorized that Nora is a thought-to-be-dead relative of Cypher’s.

While he didn’t go into Cypher’s backstory much further, Nottinghan did confirm that a tragic loss would be an integral part of his story with a hint that Astra could play a major part in unveiling Cypher’s past.

“He is a mystery,” Nottingham said. “But Astra seems to know something about him. Remember how she had the sketchbook that seemed like she had been observing the Agents from afar?”

It was also revealed that there are two categories of Agents, with one side being users using technology powered by Radianite and the other being Radiants. 

Nottingham also confirmed the popular theory that Skye was from a town in Australia called Nimbin. This theory surfaced when players noticed similarities between the town and the location in the Agent’s release trailer.

Plus, maps in VALORANT have civilians evacuated before combat begins between two sides. The team behind the game views the gameplay universe and cinematic universe slightly differently, with the latter offering fewer restrictions.

You can check out a full rundown of what was shared in the discord in this post by Reddit user NotToDisturb.

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