Riot continues to hint at new VALORANT map with latest teaser

An unstable reactor seems like a fun place to have a shootout.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed a new teaser today, potentially hinting at its latest soon-to-be-released VALORANT map.

The post shows what appears to be a top-down view of the supposed new map, with what looks like an unstable energy source breaking out. This lines up with other teasers that have been posted by Riot in recent days.

A teaser from last night shows an unstable reactor that appears to have torn open a massive hole in the facility’s roof. This is just speculation regarding the map’s in-game features, but there appear to be some ropes on either side of the hole, perhaps indicating that the map will use them in some way like on Bind or Icebox.

A week prior to both of these teasers being released, VALORANT posted another image that appears to show the entire map. That image shows a view of what could be the whole map, including the unstable reactor that appears in the latest teasers.

In regard to when we could see this new map get released, an important date to keep in mind is Sept. 8, which is when Episode Three, Act One ends and Act Two begins. Maps are traditionally released with new acts, but this date seems awfully soon, and the VALORANT team might now want a new map to draw attention away from VCT Masters Three Berlin, which starts two days later. In that case, Act Three appears to be more likely, which should be some time in October 2021.

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