Riot adds new win-by-two overtime format for VALORANT’s ranked queues

After tying in overtime, players can vote to accept the draw or continue playing.

Image via Riot Games

Some big changes are hitting VALORANT’s Competitive queues.

Riot is adding a new win-by-two overtime format to VALORANT’s the queues, according to today’s Patch 1.03 notes. This eliminates the single sudden death round that many felt created an unfair advantage to the teams playing the favorable side (attack or defend).

Screengrab via Riot Games

“After every two rounds of overtime, an automated vote will trigger to determine if the match should continue or end in a draw,” Riot said. “The threshold for continuing the match will become stricter as more rounds have been played.”

Each team will get a chance at attacking and defending with the new overtime format. If a victor isn’t determined by the first two rounds of overtime, players can vote on whether they want a draw or to continue the match.

As overtime rounds pass, it’ll take less player votes to end the match in a draw. The first vote, for example, will require six players to end the match in a draw. The second vote requires three and the third vote and on will require only one.

VALORANT players certainly have incentive to take the draw. Competitors have a chance at increasing their rank with a tie, but will never go down in rank from it. 

The new overtime format only applies to ranked queues. Unrated matches will continue to use the Sudden Death format.