Renegades signs Jerk to complete VALORANT roster

Renegades has a new player who will try to give them an edge in Stage Three of the VALORANT Champions Tour.

Image via Renegades

Justin “Jerk” Milani has been named the fifth player on Renegades’ VALORANT roster, the organization announced today. Jerk will make his competitive debut with the team during the Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gautlet tomorrow. 

Jerk has played with several smaller VALORANT teams since June 2020 and most recently competed with Reformed. He’s spent the majority of 2021 with this team and is finally set to make an appearance on a significant roster. Jerk has a duelist background but will transition to the vacant controller role on Renegades as needed.

Renegades have won several smaller events but have yet to succeed in a major tournament. The team did make it into the North American First Strike main event but were eliminated by TSM in the quarterfinals. This was the last major tournament appearance for the team since they’ve struggled ever since. 

They haven’t seen much success during the VALORANT Champions Tour, either. Renegades didn’t qualify for the Masters tournament of the first two stages. Renegades recently parted ways with Chuck “CP2” Proud after things started getting “a little stale,” according to Renegades coach Evan “Warbirds” Olzem. 

Many lower-tier teams consider Renegades the gatekeeper into the tier-one scene. But the team is ready to take a shot at re-entering North America’s upper echelon of VALORANT.

Renegades will face Cracked and Dialed in the Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet tomorrow. They’ll have another chance to redeem themselves during VCT Stage Three and earn a spot at Masters Three Berlin. 

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