Pyth joins Singaporean team Bleed

This is likely one of the most unexpected transfers in VALORANT during this offseason.

Photo via DreamHack

Swedish VALORANT player Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi will come out of inactivity in 2022 to join the SEA team Bleed, the organization announced today.

Pyth has been spending time on the sidelines since he was benched by G2 in June. G2 was the first organization he played for in VALORANT after making the switch from CS:GO in May 2020. The 28-year-old helped G2 win multiple tournaments when Riot Games’ FPS was still new, such as the WePlay Invitational in July 2020, BLAST Twitch Invitational in September 2020, and Red Bull Home Ground one in January 2021.

G2, though, struggled in VCT tournaments and practically changed its entire VALORANT team in the middle of the year. Pyth has been a free agent since November and hasn’t attended any relevant tournaments, at least, since June. “I’m leaving Sweden in January and will be moving to Singapore and compete in the VCT Southeast Asia [with Bleed] in 2022,” he said on Twitter.

Bleed parted ways with three Singaporean players in late November and replaced them with another trio just days later. The SEA team are still attending tournaments this year, but more roster changes are expected. Bleed said pyth will be its fourth VALORANT player, even though the organization currently has four players signed and one on loan, according to

It’s unclear at the moment whether Bleed wants to bring in more international players or if pyth will be the only non-Singaporean player on the roster.

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