Post-match VALORANT stats delayed by massive amount of Act 2 players

The downside of being popular.

Image via Riot Games

March 2 marks the release of the newest VALORANT act: Episode Two, Act Two. Many players are logging in for the new skins, the new agent, and the new competitive act. There are actually too many, according to Riot, and it’s causing some problems.

The number of players participating in Act Two is slowing down the processes that allow players to receive experience and rank rating after matches. Players are also having issues seeing the details in their match histories.

Don't be alarmed, your experience gains and rank rating adjustments have been recorded, they just haven't been processed yet. It's like a pending deposit in your bank account. Once Riot makes more room for all the players, you will receive your experience and adjustments.

With all that's been added to VALORANT, it's no wonder the servers are packed to the brim. There's a new battle pass, there's a new competitive act to climb, the debut of the Prime 2.0 skin bundle, and of course, the new out-of-this world agent Astra.

There are new changes alongside the new additions as well. Changes to the competitive rated mode mean lower-ranked players have a wider group of ranks to play with, and all players only require one placement game. And if you've been playing Escalation and are sick of people camping teleporter in Bind, you'll be happy to see that the doors have now been rigged open in that mode.