VALORANT Patch 2.04 expands rank queue range and increases Radiant challenge

New changes come to VALORANT's ranked mode.

Image via Riot Games

With VALORANT‘s Patch 2.04 comes the beginning of a new competitive act. Episode Two, Act Two begins with the new patch featuring changes to the competitive ecosystem.

We start at the bottom, with the players in the Iron, Bronze, and Silver ranks. Going forward, Riot has expanded the rank disparity for players queueing together in the lower levels. In October, Riot made it so all players had to queue within three ranks of each other. A player in Iron Three couldn’t play with a player who was Silver One.

Image via Riot Games.

But the range has now been expanded at the lower levels. Players at any level in Iron, Bronze, or Silver can queue with each other. The same goes for all Silver and Gold players, as well as all Gold and Platinum players. The range tightens at the very top; only Immortal Three players can play with the Radiant.

Riot has made the top rank more challenging to earn by requiring a player to achieve a certain level of Rank Rating before ascending. Additionally, all Radiant and Immortal players will have their RR reduced and will be bumped down to Immortal to start the act. This is so you’ll have to “again prove that you are the best of the best in the new Act.” Players will have to play multiple matches at the top rank to prove they belong there.

For players outside of the the top two ranks, your rank will not be lowered to start the act. Additionally, you’ll only be required to play one placement match to display your rank, down from the previously used five.

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