Omen player uses nifty ultimate trick to grab Spike and 1-vs-4 clutch a VALORANT round

Ice in their veins.

Image via Riot Games

The Omen tech is real.

One VALORANT player used the mysterious agent to absolutely outplay the opposing team. The play began with a teleport trick to grab the Spike and ended with a stellar clutch.

Another fan showcased a nifty trick last week that allows Omen to grab the Spike during his From the Shadows animation, even if you cancel the ultimate and go back to your initial location. And the Omen player employed this strat during their match to bamboozle the enemy squad.

In the one-vs-four situation, Omen’s first task was to snag the Spike located in Bind’s Hookah. The player used From the Shadows to grab the Spike and plant it on A site, forcing the opposing team to rotate. They then used Shrouded Step to teleport to Heaven, picking off a rotating enemy with their Operator.

Another Shrouded Step placed Omen back onto the site, allowing them to kill a confused Sage hiding behind Viper’s Toxic Screen. After getting shot by an enemy from CT, Omen retreated to Showers and out-sniped a third opponent. The player then used a smoke and a well-placed Paranoia to reduce Viper’s vision, flicking her with an Op shot to clutch an important round.

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