New VALORANT map Breeze will debut at VCT Masters 2 as part of new map veto process

Will Iceland be a breeze for whoever masters the new map first?

Image via Riot Games

Breeze was officially revealed by the VALORANT team earlier today. But esports fans will have to wait a whole month to see pros head to the new beach-side location.

Breeze will make its pro debut at VCT Masters Two in Reykjavík, Iceland on May 24, the VALORANT esports team announced today.

As part of Breeze being introduced at the pro level, the VALORANT esports team also said a “new map veto [and] selection process will take place before each match.”

No details were provided regarding the new map veto/selection process, but the current process would have to change with six maps now involved. For a three-map series, teams would have to either agree on a map to ban together or let the admins pick a third map between the two that remain. Teams in the best-of-five grand final would need to agree on a single map to leave out.

Image via Riot Games

Regardless of how the process works out, the addition of a new map means teams attending Masters Two in May will have to figure out how to approach Breeze. With limited time to practice, many of those competing teams may end up banning it each series or just not pick it. For teams that have already been eliminated from Masters Two contention, now is the perfect time to practice on Breeze extensively to try to get a leg up heading into Stage Three.

Breeze will be officially added to VALORANT when Act Three goes live on April 27.

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