New VALORANT controller agent ‘Mage’ leaks

A new addition to the roster?

Image via Riot Games

The first glimpse at the ability kit for a potential new VALORANT agent, going by the name “Mage,” has been leaked. An image of a test version of VALORANT featuring the agent’s full range of abilities appeared online early on Aug. 25 and has since been shared around social media and other sites.

The agent’s icon has been blocked out in the image, but the abilities, their icons, and their costs can be clearly read.

Here’s the full list of supposed abilities for the potential new agent, who likely will take on the role of controller based on what their abilities do:

  • Bubble (E): EQUIP bubble and enter into a phased state to place down a bubble by pressing the ability key. Activate to create an impenetrable bubble. Bullets cannot pass through.
  • Tartarus Pit (Q): EQUIP a Tartarus charger. FIRE to launch a shot that deals some damage and slows players within its zone.
  • Vision Taker (C): EQUIP a distortion wall launcher. FIRE to create a small line of distortion. Enemies will get briefly blinded if they walk through.
  • Golem (X): EQUIP the Golem doll. Fire to throw down. All teammates will get a regeneration buff, and enemies will get decay debuff.

Mage’s Bubble, Tartarus Pit, and Vision Taker abilities feel like a mixture of Omen and Astra’s kit, given the features of being able to place utility globally and blind opponents. Depending on the size of the Golem ultimate, it could have a massive impact in post-plant scenarios for either the defending or attacking side.

Of course, nothing is officially confirmed yet, but the inclusion of a new controller agent makes the most sense given that there are only four in the current roster, compared to the five initiators and six duelists. A new agent likely wouldn’t join the game until the start of the next Act at the very least, which wouldn’t be until October 2022.


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