New VALORANT Clip It spray now available through Prime Gaming

Another spray is now available.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can now let their enemies know they made the highlight reel with the new Clip It spray. 

Streamers often tell their viewers to clip impressive plays or funny moments to enjoy later or post on social media. Some players will also hype their friends and say “clip it” in-game when they pull off an impressive clutch. 

VALORANT players can now rub their success in the enemy team’s faces by using the Clip It spray and let them know they can see their failures online. The animated spray features an animated clapperboard in the iconic Twitch purple. The face also closes its eyes as it opens as an extra detail.

To unlock the spray, players must link their VALORANT and Amazon accounts on the Prime Gaming website. Once the accounts are linked, the unique item will be available the next time you log in to VALORANT

Most cosmetic items in VALORANT are unlockable in the premium battle pass or through bundles. There’s a free battle pass option, but it contains very few items. The Prime Gaming items are a great way to get new cosmetics if you already have a Prime Account. 

The Clip It spray is the latest item available from Prime Gaming. The previous item was a Pay Respects Gun Buddy, while the first VALORANT item was a Netter Treter Gun Buddy. Players who have an Amazon Prime account should take advantage of these free cosmetics to add a flair of style to their in-game character.