New VALORANT bug causes Cypher players to trigger their Cyber Cage without looking at it

Another Cypher bug has popped up after the recent patch.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Over the past day, many VALORANT players have complained about another annoying Cypher bug that’s popped up after Riot Games’ latest patch for the game.

Cypher’s Cyber Cage is glitched to where players are triggering the ability without even looking at the cage, according to multiple fans. This also means that if the player is trying to use another ability, like Cypher’s tripwire, or trying to climb up a rope, they won’t be able to do so if the Cyber Cage is in the same direction.

This can be annoying because it activates Cypher’s cage at inopportune times. It also makes it impossible to pick up tripwires without having to activate the cage—unless the cage is facing the complete opposite direction to where the wire is.

As a result, multiple players have said that they weren’t able to use the rope system on Split if their cage was still available to activate. This game-breaking bug is forcing many players to avoid using Cypher since his abilities can’t be used in conjunction with each other.

Cypher has been the focus of a handful of bugs after the recent patch that hit the closed beta, including one exploit that allows him to hide within a Sage wall while using his Spycam.

Riot will need to try to fix all of these bugs soon. Many players have started to pick up Cypher over the past week since they realized how strong he can be with the amount of information his kit provides to a team.