New Run It Back VALORANT bundle features hand-picked skins from previous collections

Here's your chance to grab a few familiar items.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can start 2022 with a fresh bundle that includes five skins from previous skin lines in one convenient package. 

The new Run It Back bundle features the Origin Operator, Forsaken Vandal, Prime 2.0 Odin, Tethered Realms Ghost, and Recon Spectre. Each skin was originally available in their respective skin bundles with similarly-themed weapons. But now, players can get a taste of each theme. 

Usually, players have to wait for the skins to reappear in their daily store if they don’t purchase them while the bundle is available, which is random and tedious. But the new Run It Back bundle is the perfect opportunity to grab a skin you might’ve missed the first time around. 

Fans received a similar bundle in January with the Run It Back bundle, featuring five unique skins from different skin lines. This bundle was a great way for new players to obtain older skins they might’ve missed. The latest iteration of the bundle provides the same opportunity and contains some of the best skins from 2021. 

The Run It Back bundle costs 5,945 VP, although fans can purchase each skin individually. But each skin has a 33 percent discount if the entire bundle is purchased, making it slightly more cost-effective. 

The new bundle is now available in the VALORANT in-game store and will be around for just under two weeks. Make sure to take advantage of the unique bundle while you can.