NA VALORANT Champions Tour and Game Changers details and schedules revealed

Another year of exciting events is on the horizon.

Screengrab via VALORANT Champions Tour

North American VALORANT fans can expect another exciting year of professional competition since the VALORANT Champions Tour is returning with a similar structure in 2022.

The VCT returns on Jan. 27 with a 128-team open qualifier for VCT 2022 NA Stage One Challengers. The top 12 teams will move onto the main event, which now features seven weeks of play. 

The main event starts on Feb. 11 and the first five weeks will feature a round-robin format. The final two weeks will be double-elimination playoffs to determine which teams will represent the NA region in the Stage One Masters tournament. Teams will also earn circuit points based on their performances. The VCT Stage One Masters event will take place in April in a yet-to-be-disclosed location. 

VCT Stage Two Challengers begins on May 5 with another open qualifier. Stage Two mirrors the Stage One format and a closed qualifier will also take place from May 13 to June 26. This is the final chance for teams to represent the region at the second Masters event of the year. 

Stage Two Masters is scheduled for July and is the second opportunity for the best teams around the world to show their worth. The winner will earn a spot at the 2022 Champions event and a piece of the prize pool. The location of this event has not been revealed. 

In August, North American teams will have one final chance to earn a spot in the 2022 VALORANT Champions event in the NA Last Chance Qualifier. Teams will be invited to the event based on their circuit points. VALORANT Champions is scheduled for September 2022 and the best VALORANT teams will face off in the biggest event of the year. 

VALORANT Game Changers fans can also expect more exciting competitions throughout 2022. Here’s a schedule of the Game Changers events in 2022:

Series 1

  • Open qualifier: March 31 to April 3
  • Main event: April 7 to 10

Series 2

  • Open qualifier: June 30 to July 3
  • Main event: July 7 to 10

Series 3

  • Open qualifier: June 30 to July 3
  • Main event: July 7 to 10

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