Movistar Riders kick rapaztriste from VALORANT roster for cheating

The Spanish org took quick action to remove the player from the lineup.

Image via Riot Games

Movistar Riders has removed Rui “rapaztriste” Fonseca from its VALORANT roster today for “using resources not allowed within the game to gain a competitive advantage.”

Rapaztriste was kicked from the roster following suspicions raised by their own team during the LVP Rising Series #1 Qualifier. The Spanish organization coordinated their investigation with LVP and Riot before coming to their conclusion and removing the player from their roster.

The Movistar Riders roster now consists of Michael "mikigoalie" Buzek, Maks "kamyk" Rychlewski, Mihály "Tishler" Kállai, and Carlos Enrique "scarx" Sánchez.

The Movistar Riders lineup has set the bar when it comes to competitive integrity in VALORANT. The players themselves reported their suspicions, which set off the investigation. The specific third-party software rapaztriste used was not mentioned in the release.

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