Lothar shows off quick-burst mechanic for accurate peeks using VALORANT’s Stinger and Bulldog

Jiggle peeking is about to become a lot more fun.

Screengrab via Riot Games

A new quick-burst meta may be on the horizon.

VALORANT analyst and streamer Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski showcased a quick-burst mechanic during his Twitch broadcast earlier today. By rhythmically interchanging right-click and left-click, according to the streamer, the Stinger and Bulldog are “insanely accurate” when jiggle peeking.

“The quick burst is insanely accurate, even though you might be moving left, right, and peeking corners,” Lothar said. “And it’s super effect with Bulldog on head-level, but with the Stinger, you aim at the waist because you have super-high consistent damage.”

To execute the quick burst, you simply need to click the right mouse button quickly followed by the left mouse button, and then immediately let go of the left mouse button. This quickly lets you aim down sight (ADS) and shoot simultaneously, giving you accuracy along with the unique burst fire from the Stinger and Bulldog.

This mechanic will likely be most useful when peeking corners and angles, allowing you to swiftly deal damage, return to cover, and re-peek. As an SMG, the Stinger is supposed to be less accurate from long range, but the quick burst helps you achieve more precision. This might also help the Bulldog elbow its way into the meta as one of the less popular assault rifles.

Update July 22 2pm CT: Lothar added on to this mechanic, explaining that you can change your keybinds so that fire and alternate fire are both on left-click. Making this adjustment on rounds you would buy a Stinger or Bulldog would allow you to execute the quick-burst mechanic with only one button.

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