KAY/O trailer reveals more VALORANT lore

KAY/O will join the game on June 22.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players finally got their first look at KAY/O, the killer robot perfect for negating abilities and evening the playing field. But today’s trailer also revealed more about KAY/O’s backstory and the lore of VALORANT

The trailer starts with KAY/O dying repeatedly but learning how to negate and avoid enemy abilities to survive. He eventually activates his ultimate, which suppresses enemy abilities and allows him to be revived by teammates if killed. 

KAY/O is shot by Omen, which causes him to have flashbacks of a decimated world while he’s firing an Odin. VALORANT lore enthusiast Cynprel broke down the trailer and explained how it references an “infamous” Reyna voice line about “Killjoy’s Machines.”

It appears that KAY/O was part of an initiative to eliminate Radiants, although it’s unclear if the goal was total annihilation or taking down designated targets. The flashback shows a destroyed Kingdom building, indicating that the powerful organization couldn’t avoid the destruction. 

The end of the flashback shows KAY/O facing off against Reyna, which appears to be the mirrored version of the agent. KAY/O might have seen a glimpse of the mirrored Earth and what happens when the world runs out or fights over Radianite. KAY/O’s face flashes the message “kill all Radiants,” which is exactly what he’s designed to do. 

It’s unclear if KAY/O is hostile to all Radiants or just those from the mirrored Earth. Fans will likely learn more when the agent is released on June 22. 

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