Jett can reach an elevated spot on Bind in VALORANT

Double check for a lurking Jett in this spot.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently discovered a spot where Jett can reach an awning and cover B Long with ease on Bind.

Jett’s abilities allow her to reach spots that most other agents can’t. This is excellent for players who like peaking from surprising locations to secure easy kills. A VALORANT player found an awning near B Long on Bind that Jett can reach with her abilities.

Players must stand in a specific spot on the fountain near B Long and face the wall towards Hookah and mid. Once they are in the correct location, they can use the Updraft ability twice to launch themselves high into the air. 

There is a metal awning on the wall where Jett can land without issue. The two Updrafts should be enough for most players to reach the spot, but they can also use the dash if they need to correct their movement in air. 

If done correctly, Jett will land on the metal awning and can jump to the other canopy nearby with a regular jump. This is an excellent position to cover the B Long entrance as most players will not check there for players. 

But Jett players should avoid using the spot consistently, since it requires multiple abilities and only works in specific situations. If players need to save their weapons for the next round, however, this is the perfect place to hide and secure a couple of easy kills.

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