JcStani parts ways with Immortals’ VALORANT squad, wants to test free agency

"Contracts in esports are long; not many pros get this opportunity on their own terms."

Immortals Gaming Club
Photo via Riot Games

With all but two NA squads sitting out of VCT Masters Reykjavík, you can expect teams to make some roster moves. And Immortals is among the first.

Noah “jcStani” Smith announced in a TwitLonger today that his contract with Immortals has run out and he’s looking to play for another team. The organization replied to his tweet, thanking jcStani and wishing him the best in “fielding opportunities.”

“Had discussions with the team about re-signing but chose to test free agency,” jcStani said. “Contracts in esports are long; not many pros get this opportunity on their own terms.”

JcStani had a long tenure with Immortals, signing with the org in May 2020. After nearly a year on the squad, the 20-year-old is ready to move on and take on any role for a new team. The pro is open to playing controller, sentinel, or duelist and is willing to IGL, too. While on Immortals, jcStani played the majority of his matches on Omen. More recently, he moved on to lock Jett and Astra, however, proving to be versatile and able to shift based on the team’s needs.

Immortals have enjoyed relative success throughout VALORANT’s short history. The squad qualified for last year’s First Strike main event, along with this year’s VCT NA Masters One. But they met an early exit in both tournaments and failed to win a match.

Immortals aren’t the first team to mix up its roster during this pseudo-offseason and certainly won’t be the last. TSM announced the benching of Stephen “reltuC” Cutler earlier today, potentially ending its six-man roster experiment. Braxton “brax” Pierce will likely become a permanent starter in the lineup.

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