Jamppi to switch to competitive VALORANT

The Finn will compete in Riot's newest title.

Image via Riot Games

Former CS:GO player Elias “⁠Jamppi⁠” Olkkonen plans to transition to competing in VALORANT, he announced today.

Jamppi was signed to ENCE’s CS:GO squad in 2020 and played eight months for the organization before getting benched.


“It was nice from ENCE to give me the opportunity to compete against the best for eight months,” Jamppi said in his video posted to Twitter. “It was always my dream to play against the best and I got it.”

In 2019, one of Jamppi’s accounts was VAC-banned, leading to his alleged removal from OG and a ban from CS:GO Majors. Jamppi claims the Steam account in question was sold to a friend before it was banned and reportedly filed a lawsuit against Valve in an effort to clear his name.

Jamppi was one of CS:GO‘s brightest young stars and he should have an immediate impact on whatever VALORANT team he decides to sign with.