Inspecting a VALORANT Spectrum skin during its finisher animation produces a light show

Light-sensitive players should look away.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Who’s ready for a light show?

Riot Games and famous DJ Zedd collaborated to design VALORANT‘s vibrant Spectrum Collection, an audio-based bundle inspired by electronic music. The skins also include a number of Easter eggs, such as a gun buddy that tells time and agents tapping their fingers along to the music. One eagle-eyed player discovered another hidden feature earlier today that allows players to create a hypnotic light show.

Like all VALORANT finishers, killing the final enemy of a round with a Spectrum skin produces an animation. A brief tune plays while the area is surrounded by neon outlines and a rhythmic pulse. But inspecting your weapon during the finisher animation fills the air with different colored lines while the geometric shapes in the air pulse. While the light show is visible to allies, it doesn’t seem like enemies can view it at the end of the round. This hidden feature is one of many details included in the collection to warrant its hefty price tag.

In celebration of the Spectrum Collection’s release, the devs also changed the typical song played during the victory and defeat screens. It’s unclear how long that change will be in effect or if it simply is due to someone in the game having a Spectrum skin equipped.

The Spectrum skin line will be featured in VALORANT’s store for two weeks and includes cosmetics for the Classic pistol, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and melee weapon. While picking up the entire bundle costs a staggering 10,700 VP, players can snag the guns individually for 2,675 VP and the Waveform melee for 5,350 VP.

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