VALORANT’s new Spectrum skins feature numerous Easter eggs, including a gun buddy that actually tells time

No more losing track of time.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready, treasure hunters. There are some Easter eggs to find.

Riot Games and world-renowned DJ Zedd teamed up to create VALORANT‘s Spectrum skin line, an audio-driven bundle that fuses a sleek aesthetic with bright colors. And even though the cosmetics carry a hefty price tag, a number of Easter eggs should make Spectrum’s cost an easier pill to swallow.

Lore enthusiast Cynprel outlined a couple of Easter eggs earlier today, noting that agents tap their fingers along to the music when inspecting their weapon. Players will also hear a unique take on the typical tunes played during the victory and defeat screens, giving off more of an electronic-music vibe.

Players who equip the Spectrum gun buddy will also notice a couple of hidden features. The more obvious one is that the weapon and gun buddy change colors when you move, coordinating together to offer the same vibrant hue. The Spectrum buddy is also a clock face that appears to actually tell time. Dot Esports found that the hands on the gun buddy match the players’ local time, giving fans no excuse for being late ever again.

Screengrab via Riot Games

There are likely other Easter eggs to be found with the Spectrum Collection, which includes a Classic pistol, a Bulldog, a Guardian, a Phantom, and a melee. And as one of the “most ambitious and complex skin lines” yet, according to senior producer Preeti Khanolkar, the Exclusive Edition skins cost a whopping 10,700 VP (roughly $90). But players can buy the guns individually for 2,675 VP and the Waveform melee for 5,350 VP.

Spectrum is now available in the VALORANT store and will be purchasable for two weeks.

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