How to watch Twitch Rivals: VALORANT

You don't want to miss it.

Image via Riot Games

Over the weekend, streamers and pros were invited to take part in an alpha playtest for VALORANT, Riot’s upcoming tactical shooter. Today, Twitch confirmed that it will be hosting a pre-recorded Twitch Rivals event to celebrate the release of the game’s closed beta.

The event will be the first in VALORANT’s history and feature never-before-seen gameplay footage. The game had previously been a secret project, with fans only learning about it at Riot’s 10th-anniversary event last year.

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The event is expected to feature big-name streaming personalities, such as Dr Lupo, TimTheTatman, Summit1g, xQc, and more. All participants of the event will be eligible for beta key drops.

Here’s everything you need to know about Twitch’s upcoming VALORANT event.


  • Streamers will play showmatches on a new map to warm up and familiarize themselves with how it plays, followed by a full three-map series.
  • All matches (warm-up and best-of-three) will be played using “Custom Matchmaking”
    • Warm-Up: Players will compete against teams that aren’t part of their best-of-three series. Each team will play two games on the new map, followed by their best-of-three series.


Screengrab via Twitch


  • Friday, April 3: VALORANT Showcase
    • NA Creator Matches: 3:30pm CT 
  • Tuesday, April 7: VALORANT Showdown
    • NA Showdown: 12:15pm CT

Where to watch

You can watch the event on Twitch’s official Twitch Rivals channel or alternatively on each of the participant’s streams. The event is prerecorded, but it will include live casting.