How to sneak your way onto A site on Fracture from A-Drop in VALORANT

Learn how to get onto A site on Fracture without being heard.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Reddit user TutelaryFiber recently broke down how to silently fall from A-Drop on Fracture using a nifty movement trick. 

Fracture is the latest map added to VALORANT and brings a new style of play by allowing players on the attacking side to attack from the front and back of both sites. One of the arguably harder avenues to attack from is the back of A site, which is known as A-Drop on the map. A-Drop forces players to “drop” onto A site, which usually makes noise to alert the players defending the site. 

To fall onto the site silently, players have to walk up to the ledge of A-Drop and back themselves against the right wall so that they are facing the “09/A” written on the opposite wall. From there, players will have to line themselves up so that they don’t see the blue on the wall on the left. Once the blue wall is out of sight, the player will take a few steps forward and aim at the line that runs through the middle of the metal wall in front of them. 

With everything lined up perfectly, all the player has to do from there is run backward, falling onto the box right below A-Drop. For this to work, the player will have to ensure there is not a player waiting for them on the site. Once the player is on top of the box below A-Drop, they can quietly walk hop off of the box and onto the ground. 

This technique could become vital to use when rotating from one site to another, especially if the enemy has left the A site open for the taking. With this tactic to quietly get onto the site, players will be able to get off a sneaky plant or flank the enemy without being detected.

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