How to play Split in VALORANT: Layout, callouts, tips and tricks

Avoid a splitting headache.

Image via Riot Games

On Split, taking control mid is more crucial than perhaps on any other map since the attackers can reach the tower overlooking each site really quickly after taking control of mid. Defenders get an advantage, however, because of the bottleneck entrances to both A and B sites.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to Split, including callouts and basic attack and defense strategies.

Split layout and basic callouts

Here is the in-game map for Split, with most of the basic callouts listed.

Split A site callouts, strategies, and tips

Split offers the attackers two options when entering through A main; go straight into site underneath Catwalk (or Rafters) and Heaven, or take the Ramp up into Tower. Taking Tower affords you more visibility and control over the A site but leaves you vulnerable to lurkers in the back of Tower or quick rotates from Mid/Vents. Keeping a player in Tower and on Ramp during post-plants is a vital move for the attackers to catch off defenders looking to retake.

Image via Riot Games.

On the defending side, use smokes on A main right past the attacker spawn to dissuade the attackers from pushing quickly, giving you the chance to get into a cheeky angle or at least have more time to set up. Holding from Catwalk is ideal for watching A main, assuming you have someone in Tower to watch for attackers coming through Ramp or Vents.

Split B site callouts, strategies, and tips

Any sort of attack through B main should always be supplemented by some pressure from mid to B Tower, given that there are so many corners and angles for defenders to hide in on the B site (on TV, in Back, behind Board, around the Default corner). Using Viper or Sage walls, or smokes to cover crosses from B main onto site is vital for the attackers.

On defense, an agent like Jett or Chamber that can gather information early from B main and escape to safety is ideal. Agents that can destabilize pushes or executes before they happen, like a KAY/O or a Breach, is also a great choice.