How to play Fracture in VALORANT: Layout, callouts and tips

Keep up with Fracture's confusing layout.

VALORANT map Fracture.
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Fracture is the latest and most confusing addition to VALORANT’s map rotation. With attackers having the ability to breach Spike sites from both the front and the back, it may be hard to remember which callout is which. But with no middle lane on the map, the callouts can be evenly divided up between the two Spike sites.

Here is a comprehensive guide to Fracture, including basic attack and defense strategies and callouts.

Fracture layout and basic callouts

Here is the in-game map for Fracture with all of the important callouts listed.

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Fracture A site callouts and strategies

When attacking A site on Fracture it may be easier to enter from A Main rather than A Drop. This is because the pillar outside of A gives some coverage from the defender spawn while A Drop often leaves players falling into a choke point with little coverage. On this site, attackers can play anywhere underneath the structure within the thick grey lines but can also plant on top as well. Keep in mind, though, that the metal on top as well as both orange boxes can be shot through and do not make a great cover for attackers or defenders.

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When defending A site it is best to smoke off A Main and A Drop if possible. This forces the attackers to push through the smoke and allows the defenders to easily wait on the other side. To catch attackers off guard, sit up top behind the metal cover and wait for the attackers to start planting to attack. Another good hiding spot is behind the pillar, which hides the defender from A Main and allows them to hold A Drop for potential attackers.

Fracture B site callouts and strategies

B site on Fracture is a more traditional style of Spike site but has a lot of hiding spots for defenders and attackers. When attacking the B site, it is equally effective to enter from Aracade or B Main. Both entry points can have defenders watching from Tower, however, which gives them a height advantage over the attackers. An effective place to plant is next to the green box on the B Site; it allows attackers to sit either at B Main or Tower and defend the Spike.

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Ideally, the defending team should always have one player sitting Tower to watch over Arcade while another player sits Canteen or on the B Site to watch for players entering from B Main. Defenders can hide behind any of the boxes on the site and wait for their opponent to start planting for the ultimate element of surprise. Keep in mind that the green parts of the boxes can be shot through, allowing the defenders to attack those hiding behind them from their own cover.


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