How does the Night Market work in VALORANT?

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Throughout the last decade, cosmetics became the ultimate way to monetize a multiplayer title. They aren’t a necessity, of course, but it gets quite challenging for players to pass on awesome-looking skins for their guns. Customizing your experience becomes a priority as you spend more time in the game, and you may also lose control of your wallet as you start dipping your toes into the hectic world of cosmetics.

Skins will be the most expensive when they first become available and it’s possible to follow a budget-friendly route to accumulate more cosmetic items with discounted price tags in the long run. League of Legends offers players skins for their favorite champions with lower prices from time to time and that feature was also implemented to VALORANT around Dec. 2020.

Night.Market is basically the VALORANT version of League’s your shop. It offers six different cosmetic items at a reduced price. These skins are chosen randomly and you’ll have approximately around 32 days to choose which ones you’d like to add to your collection. After that, Night.Market gets removed from the game only to make a comeback during the next major event.

How to access Night.Market in VALORANT

Whenever Night.Market is available in VALORANT, a dedicated menu icon will appear on the top right corner of the game’s main screen. Its logo includes a card that’s noticeably shinier than the other menu items.

Click on the card icon to access Night.Shop. Once you’re inside, you’ll need to manually click on all the cards to open and reveal which skins you’ll be able to purchase at a discount.

What type of skins can you purchase off the Night.Market in VALORANT?

The skins featured in the Night.Market are chosen randomly, and you won’t be able to reroll any of them. It’s a either buy it or leave it situation until Riot Games changes the mechanics, but you’re likely to find a skin that you won’t be able to pass out on.

When Night.Market was first launched, the randomness was slightly out of control since some players were able to get high-value skins while others were left with ones that no one would like to purchase. Coming out of the first iteration of the Night.Market, Riot tinkered with the luck parameters and made sure that no player would leave the Night.Market disappointed. 

Players who don’t own all the Premium Edition skins will at least receive 2 Premium Edition skins in their pools and you also can’t receive two skins for the same weapon. With the factors in mind, players should be able to build a decent cosmetics collection over time with discounted prices.

How often does the Night.Market become available in VALORANT?

Based on the dates of Night. Market’s past appearances, it looks like Riot opens the doors of the market every two months. This can change by the event schedule or seasonal holidays, however, meaning it might be a decent idea to keep an eye on VALORANT’ social media accounts

Whenever the developer decides to bring back the Night.Market for an event, it usually gets announced via social media channels before the event starts. If you’re looking to collect as many skins as possible by paying the lowest price, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t miss any of the Night.Market appearances. 

Though there can be discounts on random items throughout the year none will have discounts like the ones in the Night.Market.

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