Hiko head-taps his way to a 4K pistol clutch in VALORANT

Never underestimate Hiko's clutching abilities.

Screengrab via VALORANT Esports

Even though Spencer “Hiko” Martin isn’t getting any younger, the veteran remains one of the best aimers in North America. And today, he saved the first pistol round for his team with an impressive one-vs-three clutch.

100 Thieves’ VALORANT captain had just initiated a PUG on Ascent and three of his teammates were quickly taken down by a defender using the agent Skye. Hiko turned his back in time to avenge his comrades and got rid of the Skye with a couple of body shots and traded his Classic pistol for the Ghost.

The North American star and his remaining teammate rotated all the way through the attacker’s spawn back to mid to reset the two-vs-three situation, but Hiko was left alone with less than 40 seconds left on the clock after his partner died. Two of the defenders tried to double-peek Hiko, but he dealt with the one behind first and also headshot the second player. The 100 Thieves player had to reload in the middle of an exchange with the last defender sitting on Catwalk, but you could see that his adversary was the one panicking. And they were killed by a headshot, Hiko’s third in the round, to complete this quad-kill.

While his teammates screamed when the round was over, Hiko reacted like a boss. “You thought that I was going to lose that round?” he said with a smirk on his face.

What you can take away from this clip is that Hiko tried to use Sova’s abilities the best way he could and he never panicked, despite the tough clutch situation. Instead, he fired his shots with patience and immense precision.

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