Here are the updates and notes for VALORANT Patch 1.08

Raze mains are in for an unpleasant surprise in Patch 1.08.

Image via Riot Games

Riot is knuckling down on Raze in VALORANT’s latest patch, upgrading the Guardian, and lowering the chance of returning to the same map back to back.

Raze is invariably one of the strongest agents in competitive mode, from Iron one, all the way to Radiant. Riot is bringing her down a peg in Patch 1.08 and targeting her satchel damage.

The Guardian, on the other hand, is scarcely used in solo queue, with players favoring the Vandal and Phantom. To bring the Guardian back into contention, its fire rate is being increased and its cost lowered.

Here are the full list of updates coming to VALORANT’s Patch 1.08.

Agent updates


Image via Riot Games

Blast Pack

  • Initial damage reduced to 15 with a 0.2 meter inner radius, falling off to 5 minimum damage
  • Once the satchel lands, it arms after 0.5 seconds, increasing its max damage to 50
  • Shooting the blast pack causes it to detonate, dealing its current damage amount
  • Satchel no longer does damage allies

Weapon updates


  • Price reduced from 2500 to 2400
  • Improved Rate of fire from 4.75 to 5.25 RPS (rounds per second)
  • Improved weapon recovery from 0.35 after 3 bullets to 0.2925 after 3 bullets

Map rotation changes

  • Matchmaking queue for all modes has been updated to measure all your recently played maps, throughout all modes, so that for any given queue you:
  • Have a better chance of playing on a map you haven’t played recently
  • Are much less likely to play on the same map several games in a row

Quality of life

  • Observers will now see a timer rather than their screen being obscured when observing a player who is blinded
  • Fullscreen blind for observers can be turned back on in the options, for all you masochists
  • Minimap performance improvements
  • The social panel will now pause sorting while you’re hovering or interacting with it
  • Updated verbiage in the All Ranks modal in the Career page to be more consistent with Competitive overtime rules

Bug fixes

  • Prime Classic VFX fixed
  • There was a bug in which upgrade Prime levels (2–4) were not playing the correct tracers, sound fx, and other VFX
  • Fixed a bug where the End of Game screen would display a “Still processing” message, and then wouldn’t show that match in your Career tab
  • Fixed a bug where “High Skill Disparity” would display in Custom Game Lobbies